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Devon LevesqueDevon Levesque
/Min Equipment Program

W1/D1 Upper focus

4.8|45 min|78 comments
4-way scap 2 x 10 Lunge series 1 x 5 Run Backwards 1 x 100 yards ... more


JD 1y ago
Great work out! The run at the beginning helps maintain higher heart rate through the entire workout. Was pouring sweat the entire time.
John 1y ago
1st workout. Really liked it! One note- the video for back side lunge was same as reverse lunge. Looking forward to tomorrow!!
vince 1y ago
amazing - so well rounded that you can push way harder than a traditional workout 🏋️‍♀️
Carlos 1y ago
Explaining better when, for example, you have to do plank sides and it's 15 seconds you should said that you have to alternate 15 on each side. Same for lunges, etc.
Alex 1y ago
Dude that 2.5 miles was rougggghhhhh

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