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W1/D1 Push | Strength

4.8|45 min|18 comments
Warmup: Rotator Cuff Dynamic Warmup ... more


Adnan 3mo ago
I have to say, in all honesty I am a fan with 45min of this workout. Thanks buddy
Pranav 9mo ago
Great way to get started after a break. Thank you austen❣️🫡
Christian 1y ago
Good! First workout at the gym in years and it feels good to be strengthening core muscles again!
Patricia 1y ago
Great workout to get back into the swing of things. Excited to continue the 4 weeks and then move on to the phases. Skimmed the other workouts I may not have all the equipment at my home gym but it’s easy to find an alternative
Nicole 1y ago
Straightforward workout. But honestly my arms feel like jello now. Took me about 40 min. Here’s to trying to be consistent for what feels like the millionth time in my life.

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