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W2/D1 Lower Body | Strength

4.8|45 min|5 comments
Warmup: - Dynamic Leg Warmup ... more


Adnan 2mo ago
Best way to start your weekend 💯
Emmanuel 9mo ago
oh man! I loved/hated it
Christian 1y ago
It was good! Let’s were to hello to do the lunges with weight but killer mid week set
Patricia 1y ago
My legs were hello by the time I got to walking lunges 🥴 I had to drop the weight for my own sake 😂
Nicole 1y ago
Took me about 50 min because of the deadlifts. Idk what the difference between bb deadlifts and romainem bb deadlifts are so I had to google it . The descriptions didn’t really tell a difference and the videos look the same. But solid workout as my legs are now useless 😂

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