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Week 2/Day 2 - Full Body Workout

4.9|30 min|28 comments
For this workout you will need: - An incline surface (a suitable height for you to perform dips) Workout: - Warm Up Circuit - Main Workout 1. Bodyweight Squat 2. Tricep Dips 3. Inchworms 4. Birddog 5. Modified Side Plank 6. Single Leg Raise


Mårten 5mo ago
Still fun and still feels great. Thanks!
Johanna 5mo ago
I like it, but it's a bit unclear when you're supposed to switch side or leg for certain exercises. I wish it was made very clear in the text
Marie 7mo ago
Awesome workout, im beginning to love it!!! 💪💪💪
Raquel 8mo ago
Back from a work trip and back into it!
Spring 10mo ago
Loved it!! Felt so good to get up and move after feeling horrible today.

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