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Week 2/Day 1 - Full Body Workout

4.9|30 min|41 comments
For this workout you will need: - An incline surface (a suitable height for you to perform push ups) Workout: - Warm Up Circuit - Main Workout 1. Incline Push Ups 2. Reverse Overhead Lunge 3. Back Extension 4. Basketball Shooter 5. Toe Taps 6. Deadbugs


Bernadette • 14d ago
For me, harder than last week but was great and helped me to push through.
Rika • 2mo ago
That was tough! But it felt amazing after I was done 💪💪
Oriol • 7mo ago
would be great to have an optio to run the whole workout continuosly
Marie • 7mo ago
Absolutely amazing
Anaïs • 8mo ago
This one I really felt it! 🔥

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