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Week 1/Day 1 - Full Body Workout

4.7|30 min|223 comments
For this workout you will need: - An incline surface (a suitable height for you to perform push ups) Workout: - Incline Push Ups - Reverse Alternating Lunge - Back Extension - Deadbugs - Iceskaters -Tuck Hold


My 5d ago
Was good thanks
Liz 17d ago
Great workout!! Easy movements for me to follow while burning those calories! Helps me not to get defeated too early on.
Dan 23d ago
Really good. I’m already active and fairly athletic, but I havr knee injury and wanted to keep active without going to the gym. Lucy’s program seemed to be the right solution. This is day 1!
Andrew 25d ago
Really good, some hard. Still recovering from injuries to knee and lower back. Core is very weak.
Gemma 1mo ago
I’m new here, hoping to go from medium fit to held handstands and pull ups this year.

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