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Klabera KominiKlabera Komini
/4 Week Strength

W1/D4 Lower Body

5.0|45 min|2 comments
Today is a lower body focus day with a core finisher. We start with 2 mobility exercises followed by the first superset. The rest of the programming today goes as follow: 1 mobility 1 superset - 3 rounds Finish with a core superset. ENJOY!


Shay 2mo ago
Not sure how I'm going to manage skating tomorrow after that leg and core workout, but good motivation to keep at it so one day I can make it look as easy as the video demonstrations make it seem. Might be helpful to note that if you seriously struggle with the one leg squats, getting a slightly higher bench to start helps a lot. I'm just using an adjustable height piano bench so I can lower it as my legs get stronger
Lilah 4mo ago
My legs and core were shaking! Great workout

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