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Klabera KominiKlabera Komini
/4 Week Strength

W1/D1 Upper Body

4.8|45 min|1 comment
Todays workout is upper body focused. We start with two mobility exercise and then the first superset. Then one mobility exercise and superset 2 Followed by one more mobility exercise and superset 3. Each superset has 3 rounds. Superset = complete exercise 1 and then exercise 2 in sequence. That is ONE round of the superset.


Shay 2mo ago
Good workout, the app itself felt a little difficult to navigate at first and clearer instructions for items like the spine twist on whether it's 6 reps each side for a total of 12 a set would have been nice as I couldn't quite recall the instructions on that in the middle of the workout

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