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Intermediate 1 - Finding balance

4.9|25 min|6 comments
In this intermediate class we are looking at how to start balancing the elbow lever. I will take you through different progressions and techniques that are going to facilitate your strength and balance development. ... more


Piotr 3y ago
Already wrote it but my phone closed this app
Piotr 3y ago
This was great! And for now the hardest part is to adduct the leg, but I found the tipping point!
Sonny 4y ago
Alright! I've definitely found my progression! Got to understand how those abductors and core muscles get in the party and how all this work together! Thanks for your videos coach, I'm loving it!
Kendall 4y ago
Wow. That’s a lot harder than it looks but amazing explanation. I’m sure it’ll come with time and practice. I feel it’s tight in my spin when throwing my leg back on the scorpion though. Any advice on that?
Camille 4y ago
Scorpion push up killed me !! 😂

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