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Intermediate 2 - Tuck transition

4.7|25 min|5 comments
In this intermediate class, I will teach you the first transition that can be done with or without full balance. There are accessible progressions for either option. ... more


Piotr 3y ago
Great as always 💪🏻
Kendall 3y ago
Revisiting earlier things. This one was super tough last year. Still is lol
Sonny 3y ago
It is funny to realise that I had been working on doing the tuck transition without the head on floor as I was SURE it was the last option 😅 But now I wonder, is it a problem doing it this way? Thanks anyway!
Dana 4y ago
Don’t include the warm up for each video. Show the move immediately so that I know what the video is on. Include breakdowns in video description with time info so I can forward to what I’m looking for.
Kendall 4y ago
Can’t believe I’m already doing this balanced tuck! Thanks for the lessons!

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