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Your luteal phase begins when you ovulate and lasts until you start your period, thus beginning a new cycle. Ovulation lasts on average from days 14-18 and your luteal phase lasts on average from days 14-28 (yes, your ovulation phase is within your luteal phase). During ovulation, you may still be feeling those after affects of the follicular phase where you’re skin is glowing, you’re more down to get frisky🤪 I mean your body is preparing to conceive so it only makes sense you’d want to go out, socialize, and find your LOVER💕 You may also experience some minor pain during ovulation like me called mittlesmerz — minor cramping, nausea, and spotting. After ovulation is where you will feel a massive drop in hormones and this is kinda where shit hits the fan in your cycle. Things you may experience during your luteal phase: • low energy, fatigued, depleted • more sensitive/emotional • feelings of anxiety or more depressive thoughts • breakouts • PMS symptoms (cramping, migraines, bloating/inflammation) *You should never experience major or debilitating pain with your cycle, that is NOT normal and should be checked out by a medical professional* This is where you want to slow down a little bit and look inward. Take those extra rest days or begin doing more low impact movements, there’s no need to push your body hard during this time if you don’t feel like it.🤍 Low impact movements such as walking, yoga, bodyweight/lightweight workouts. All of these workouts are workouts that I do within my luteal phase. Please note I am not certified in cycle syncing and these are just workouts that I personally do myself within my own journey. This information is also based on the average 28 day cycle - the numbers given are just estimates and may be different for you🫶🏼

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Kalie 19d ago
That superset🤌🏼🤌🏼🤌🏼 new staple for me in every low impact lower body workout
Kalie 24d ago
I love how easy this is to do at home and feels so good for a lower energy luteal workout! I also love how you show me workouts I’ve either not seen before or completely forgot about. I told my fiancé about the leg workout from yesterday and he said “I forgot about good mornings!” And he added it to his workout later in the day. Love you bestie
Ryann 25d ago
Loved this, low impact but still got a good burn and sweat!
Alexys 2mo ago
SOPHIA!!! I swear I go into each workout thinking, “this doesn’t look like it’ll be anything crazy.” I’m actually drenched after this one. Feeling good👏🏻💖
sofia 2mo ago
My favorite workout when I’m reaaalllly deep in my luteal and barely have enough energy to workout. But this one is perfect and makes me feel super energized afterwards!
Alexys 2mo ago
LOVED this arm workout! Was very low energy and truly didn’t feel like working out. I feel so much better after moving my body and actually have more energy!