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/Luteal Phase

Bodyweight Pilates Lower Body

5.0|25 min|26 comments
Perfect to do either on your period or right before during your luteal phase!!!


sofia 2mo ago
My favorite workout when I’m reaaalllly deep in my luteal and barely have enough energy to workout. But this one is perfect and makes me feel super energized afterwards!
Alexys 2mo ago
I underestimated how hard this was going to be. I couldn’t even do all 4 sets of the superset. Sweating my butt off though!
Jessibel 5mo ago
So good!
Kali 6mo ago
Holy booty cheeks on fire 🔥 great workout for being 4dpo! Felt accomplished
Courtney 6mo ago
Had me sweating, heart rate was definitely up:)

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