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/Luteal Phase

Low Impact Pilates Leg Day

4.9|30 min|11 comments
Try this workout out right when you start your cycle🫶🏼 Don’t be fooled, this one will have you SWEATIN💦


Kalie 1mo ago
That superset🤌🏼🤌🏼🤌🏼 new staple for me in every low impact lower body workout
Alyson 4mo ago
I’m just starting to learn about cycle syncing and this workout was just what I needed during my luteal phase! Low impact but challenging!
Jessibel 4mo ago
Thanks for that burn🔥
deeva 4mo ago
was so hard! but so worth it!
Ashleigh 5mo ago
This saved me from sitting in the thick of my most dredged luteal day & missing my workout for the day. I work tonight through the weekend so it was really important for me to get some type of movement in today for myself. Thank you 🤍

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