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/Luteal Phase

Low Impact Upper Body

5.0|25 min|9 comments
For when you’re energy is low but still want to get a little upper body pump in🤌🏼


Alexys 2mo ago
LOVED this arm workout! Was very low energy and truly didn’t feel like working out. I feel so much better after moving my body and actually have more energy!
Jac 4mo ago
Exactly what I needed on a day when I had zero energy to move my body. 👏🏼
Amanda 5mo ago
perfect workout for those low energy/low motivation period days!
Thea 5mo ago
Perfect for a day when I wasn’t feeling it, now I have the energy I was needing
Tiffany 6mo ago
I started to really listen to our bestie Sophie and starting focusing more on doing things more in tune with my cycle. This was the first workout i have done with the app and i absolutely loved this, short and sweet but still felt the burn ! Thank you bestie 🤍

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