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/Luteal Phase

Bodyweight Pilates Workout

5.0|30 min|15 comments
Perfect for your luteal phase where your energy is low or if you’re in a time crunch, no equipment needed! Don’t be fooled, this one kicked my booty💦


Danielle 4mo ago
My first workout with Sophia and my first Pilates workout – I absolutely loved it! So challenging, but SO satisfying ✨
Chloe 4mo ago
I did two sets for my first time back in a MINIUTE… I loved it! I’m so excited to get strong and do more! 👏🏻🤍
Rylee 5mo ago
this one was hard but GOOD!!! those plank to leg raises 🥵
Haley 5mo ago
This is my first time ever doing a Pilates workout and I STRUGGLED😅 I’ve strength trained HEAVY for almost two years and I haven’t felt this good after a workout in a long time (especially at the height of my luteal phase and being an emotional rollercoaster😭)
Sarah 6mo ago
Literally dead but loved it😅

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