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Wednesday: Legs

4.8|45 min|29 comments
Focus: Legs - Bodyweight only - Classic sets and reps for growth - Do the exercises explosively to make it harder (Example: for regular squats you can do explosive squats) Requirement: - Flat surface - Elevated Surface - Wall - Your body!


Austin 12d ago
I felt like I was going to snap something with the lateral squats. I felt this strange tingly that out of nowhere turned into sharp pain lasting forever. I was not able to go as low as Pierre in those squat. I am exhausted.
Zac 20d ago
I started wobbling at the end 😅
Caiden 23d ago
SUPER TOUGH, loved it especially since I need to work out my legs more this was perfect just took me a lot longer than most people
Jeff 2mo ago
Dang, Pierre…these were way harder than expected. I’m sorta skinny-fat or skinny out of shape, and lunges were soooo much tougher than I recall doing at the gym but it’s been a few years, so… Suggestion would be to show some of these exercises from different angles because it was a bit of challenge to see your body position from just one angle and it concerned me that I was using proper form.
Kngkha 4mo ago
Great leg workout!

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