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Friday: Shoulders

4.8|45 min|20 comments
Focus: Shoulders - Bodyweight only - Classic sets and reps for growth... more


Caiden 15d ago
It was an amazing workout, since I just started today I had to give myself.. about a minute more rest time during the Hindu pushups, other than the toughness of it it works really well it’s very intense but I feel very good about this approach to at home workouts!
Jeff 1mo ago
Challenging for sure. Overall good. More description and at least a couple of angles on the vid would improve it.
mathew 2mo ago
Great pump up for everyone
Julian 2mo ago
my shoulder got destroyed
Jacob 4mo ago
The reps are challenging but so is life. This is my first day back to workin out and while I’m still pretty new, I’m confident in the trust I’ve placed in this process.

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