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Monday: Chest & Triceps

4.6|45 min|75 comments
Focus: Chest & Triceps - Bodyweight only - Classic sets and reps for growth - Start on your knees if the push ups are too hard, and progressively work your way up to the full push up stance each week! Requirement: - Flat surface (big enough to do push ups) - Any elevated surface (chair, bench, couch, etc…)


Jordan 6d ago
Give more instructions
Austin 18d ago
The workout is great, but after I was doing the skull crushers, and diamonds my wrist started buzzing. Also I for the life of me cannot do an archer push up not even on my knees. Does anyone have any tips on how to get started on archer push ups? Also a thing to keep in mind is I have not gotten out of my chair for nine years because of a huge depression, and just now decided to start doing this workout. I was able to do everything except the archers. Other than that I feel the burn literally. The outside of my arms are hot while the rest of the outside of my body is at a neutral temperature. My chest is also hot, but not as hot as my arms. Also I don't know how to squeeze my chest or triceps, so could I get some pointers on that?
Austin 1mo ago
The archer pushups were incredibly difficult, I could not even perform one and almost bent my arm the wrong way trying to do them.
Jeff 1mo ago
Massive hit to chest and triceps. Only one that was really a struggle was the archer, even on the knees. Can I make a suggestion? Think A verbal description of each exercise for one rep (then you can go quiet- haaaa) would probably improve your app.
MESHAL 2mo ago
Too hard for a heavy guy who has just started. Tried everything i could and only was able to finish the first 2 the rest were impossible to do even once for me. Will take me time to fianly reach the point where i can do them.

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