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About me

Calisthenics/Performance Athlete

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My name is Pierre Dalati and I love working out to feel good physically and mentally… but it wasn’t always that way. When I was 15 years old I got my first gym membership at the YMCA, and believe it or not I didn’t enjoy going to the gym at all and ended quitting after a few weeks. To me, going to the gym and working out with the same machines was boring (and you might be feeling the same way). Fast forward a year to the summer of 2017, I’m 16 years old and decided to sign up for a gym membership and give it another go. This time around, I wanted to find motivation so that I stay consistent while working out. For the first 3 weeks, it was hard, I would have to push myself to go to the gym every day and to do my workouts although I didn’t really want to. I knew I couldn’t continue this way and that I’d end up quitting like I did the year before if I didn’t find a solution. Eventually, I realized that as humans we have the desire to do things that we enjoy… that make us happy. And so I used that same concept towards working out. One day I saw a guy at my gym doing handstand push-ups, and it clicked! “That’s what I want to do” That’s when I came across calisthenics and bodyweight training. Being able to take my body’s potential to the next level. Doing handstand push-ups, backflips, etc… that’s the type of athleticism I wanted! Ever since then, I love working out. I see my body as a vessel that can be upgraded continuously and that has unlimited potential!


My goal is for you to get the body of your dreams, feel the best you’ve ever felt physically/mentally, all while enjoying the journey of working out. I want to help you fall in love with the process so that you look forward to working out and so that you create healthy habits throughout your day-to-day life.

Training Requirements

Your body! My programs are calisthenics/bodyweight-based. However, in certain cases, I will be including weighted calisthenics programs, as well as programs using free weights (dumbbells).


Started working out at 15 years old, and ever since then, I’ve gained years of knowledge and personal experience when it comes to calisthenics/fitness. I’ve helped millions of individuals across the world get in shape, all while enjoying the process of doing so!

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