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• 4 Miles Intervals (Push Endurance)

4.9|45 min|4 comments
This one has less walking than most of the other runs. It’s definitely a run to make you push yourself and test your endurance but great if you’re in the mood to crush a cardio routine and do a super efficient and quick run. ... more


Caity 2y ago
Can’t thank you enough for these interval workouts!! They have completely transformed the way I run (I used to think walking was bad so would just run 2 miles in a row and call it a day) it’s so nice to have some structure to my runs!
Nanna 2y ago
Taylor 2y ago
Loved this but it would be great to have alerts/someone telling you when to switch (I had to keep checking my phone)
Shauna 2y ago
AMAZING!!!!! Such a good run!!!

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