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β€’30-Minute Treadmill

4.9|30Β min|71 comments
Time to get after it, and sweaty! πŸ˜† This one has more powerwalking on incline than some of the others. Shorter intervals of running but don’t let that fool you β€” i was drenched in sweat and LOVED it! ...Β more


Caroline β€’ 1mo ago
Made running a lot easier and more fun!
Carly β€’ 1mo ago
Thank you for helping me stay on the treadmill longer than 10 minutes πŸ˜…
Cara β€’ 2mo ago
So good! First time running in a few years, so I stopped a little early. Ready to do it next time!
Alana β€’ 2mo ago
Carly β€’ 2mo ago
Dripping sweat! That was a great way to start my running routine again. Thank you!

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