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Week 4 / Day 3: Upper Body

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Week 4, Day 3: Upper Body At Home Athlete Program ... more


Daron 9mo ago
Good Day Coach Nick, today’s workout was a killer but managed to push through all 3 sets with some rest/ pause in the middle of the 2nd and 3rd set. Total time 27 mins 27s, total Kcal 383, active Kcal 337. Seal jacks was alright, completed without much issues only on in the midst of the 2nd and 3rd I reduced the pace a little. Plank reach was alright, just have to work on form and maintaining as well as locking my hips. Dips was alright, completed without much issues. Supermans were a little difficult as I have difficulty lifting my quads off the ground. But still tried to do my best. Beast position front raise was a killer for me as I have difficulty maintaining form and holding my body firm due to my knees and fractured toe hurting. Will have to try to improve slowly bit by bit. Push up to shoulder taps was alright, only in the midst of the 2nd set and 3rd set I was a little exhausted, and have to pause to catch my breath for a little. Coach Nick, if I would like to incorporate bicep curls into any of the workout routines how should I add them in? Should I do biceps curls 15 reps x4 sets prior this workout or after, and also what are some bicep/ triceps exercises that I can do on days that I do not do your workout? Last but not least what are the recommended reps and sets you would recommend me as I do not have gym access and only have 4kg and 6kg dumbbells at home. Thank you for the workout Coach as well as your feedbacks/ advices on how to improve form. Take care and stay safe Coach! God bless! Thanks, Daron

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