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Week 3 / Day 4: Lower & Core

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Week 3, Day 4: Lower & Core At Home Athlete Program ... more


Charlene 6d ago
Look like shaking Stevenson today, ‘this old house ain’t got no windows’ 💃😁
Josh 6mo ago
I am certain you're trying to kill me, but I'm killing it! 🔥🔥🔥
Daron 9mo ago
Good Day Coach Nick, today’s work out was manageable 2x set of everything. Total time 21mins 49s, total Kcal 259 and active Kcal 223. Although I didn’t burn more calories than expected, I felt that I perspired a lot more than usual. Lateral Step Up Knee Drive was a killer on the 2nd set, quads was tight and knees hurt a little. Air Sumo Squats was manageable until the 2nd set it started to hurt a little on the knees, might be due to form and my toes have a tendency of lifting up. Is there a way or tip to fix this? Decline Hip bridge was alright except hamstrings felt really tight and felt like I was going to have a cramp. Lying leg crunches was alright, but will need to work on form. Dolphin kicks was a bummer, I do not have any bench or elevated chair for me to lie on to do it. I tried doing it flat on the ground, but I can’t lift my legs up. Ended up doing alternate bird dog 40 reps, 20 each side. Bicycle crunches was alright, is there a tip to engage the core more or what should I be doing to feel the burn? I am not sure if I am doing it right on that. Thank you for the workout Coach Nick! Have a great day and stay safe! God bless! Thank you, Daron

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