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Week 5 / Day 4: Full Body

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Week 5, Day 4: Full Body At Home Athlete Program ... more


Scott 4mo ago
The extra more intense reps are a struggle but I’m pushing through!
Daron 9mo ago
Good Day Coach Nick, today’s workout definitely was tough as it drained a hell lot of energy and motivation to push through. Motivation was also on the low side today and wanted to skip today’s workout, but still completed all 3 sets to my best ability with tons of rest in the middle to catch my breath. Total time 31 mins 23s with a lot of pauses to catch my breath, but managed to push through all 3 sets. Total Kcal 409, Active Kcal 356. I have several questions below: 1) For lateral ski jumps is it okay to go slow? 2) Alternating Pike Toe Touch was tough for me, sometimes my leg or body just gave up on me while doing the exercises. Is there any tips to help me get better with this exercise? 3) For toe touches, must my legs be flexed and straighten? Other than that, most of the other exercises are alright and manageable. Thank you for making me sweating a hell lot and the feedbacks! I did try the air squat and twist today and it felt a lot better compared to reversed lunges and twist. I appreciate you Coach! Take care and stay safe! God bless! 🙆🏻‍♂️🙏🏻
Misael 9mo ago
Very hard, excellent

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