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Tuesday - Ankle & Hip Mobility

5.0|30 min|7 comments
A good one to work Ankle & Hip MOBILITY! Want to do deeper in your push & stride? Or lower in your hydroblade & sit spin? You need to work your ankle and hip mobility! These drills work to increase range of motion while simultaneously strengthening as well. Mobility & strength go hand in hand. Especially when it comes to skating. Rep ranges are RECOMMENDATIONS. please do rep counts that feel ok for YOU. Enjoy 🫶🏼


Janey 2mo ago
Crazy location for this fab workout. In gale force winds in Crete. The gym was a place of great calm!
Alicia 2mo ago
Loved it and felt the burn in places I usually don’t!
Amelie 2mo ago
As you recommended to me, I did this workout first after my two weeks off (because of my surgery) and I felt great! It was a beautiful fix out of mobility and also gentle strength exercises.
Skylar 2mo ago
Great thanks
Jen 3mo ago
I’m still pretty stiff and this was a good workout to start to open my hips up.

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