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Thursday - Hip & Ankle Strength

4.8|45 min|5 comments
Today we work on STRENGTHENING the ankles & hips. There are two rounds for BOTH the hip work and ankle work. If it is a single side exercise- repeat on BOTH SIDES before moving on to the next exercise. That is what the “8-8” means. So you would complete the exercise on each side 1x before going to the next exercise. & then repeat the whole sequence for a 2nd round. Tweak reps as necessary. You will need a band or ball/yoga block. You can remove the band & ball if you do not have one. Enjoy!


Sonia 2mo ago
I’m doing the Thursday hip and ankle skater program 1 , and I’m confused if I have to do it on both legs in the same rounds or in different rounds, in the description it does not say to change leg 🤔 other than that loving it 😊
John 2mo ago
Every week I see improvements. My plie looks like a plie after 4weeks of training .. I have elegance and balance
John 3mo ago
Week 2 feeling so much better than week 1
Janey 3mo ago
Great workout after a skate
John 3mo ago
Another great workout, really highlights some imbalance and weakness I have on certain sides and certain movements

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