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Friday - Splits & Spiral Stretching

4.9|40 min|6 comments
We start today with working on our stretching & splits & work towards spiral work! 🫶🏼🤍


Michaela 2mo ago
Love this workout! Really felt the depth of the muscles in use 🥰 great to improve flexibility too!
Claire 2mo ago
It feels so good to finally have a consistent stretching routine. Flexibility and end range strength has always been a struggle for me and I can’t wait to see my progress with this program!
Bree 3mo ago
Stretching, strengthening, and even got my heart rate up at the end! So good!
John 3mo ago
This is not stereotypical training for a 50y/o man … but the effects of it are eye opening, I am feeling, lighter, nimbler, more explosive. Honestly in 3 weeks I have knocked 10years off my age
John 3mo ago
I’m still a brick .. it was less demotivating than last time though so I have improved

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