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Your Pelvic Floor & Core Canister

5.0|15 min|19 comments
Learn about your pelvic floor and core muscles


Skyelynn 13d ago
So much of what you said totally resonated with me! I’m so excited to start this program and see results!
Aubrey 17d ago
Soooo informative! Finally some real answers!
Shonagh 19d ago
Good scientific knowledge and very wholistic approach. Speaks very fast, but I like that. :)
Sandy 23d ago
I’m almost embarrassed to admit that this is the 5th or 6th pelvic floor/core rehab program I’ve tried. Nothing’s ever clicked for this two-time c-section and DR Mama. And now I’m starting to realize why. I was never taught any of this! About 90% of what Jesse just covered was new to me. How is that possible?! Makes me excited for what’s to come, and the level of expertise she’ll be bringing to these workout!
Madyson 24d ago
I find it very helpful with how descriptive and informative this was! I was very unaware at how tense I am in so many other areas. Thank you Jesse for sharing your Knowledge 🫶🏻

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