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Hypertonic Pf Releases & Cues

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Desiree 13d ago
Relaxing & connecting to my PF feels absolutely impossible. When I try to lengthen my pelvic floor I feel my shoulders start to crunch inward. Like my whole body is out of wack. I know it’ll get there but who would’ve thought it would be so hard to relax?
Lianna 1mo ago
This is definitely one I will be watching again and again!
Angela 2mo ago
The intro music is much louder than the instructional portion for every video. The info in it is excellent! The puffing the cheeks out is a cue I’d never seen and is a game changer
Stephanie 3mo ago
I haven’t even fully dived into the workouts yet and have already had a big lightbulb moment about my persistent tailbone pain. I did other programs to heal my DR and am two years pp now. I has NO IDEA that the tailbone pain, the lower back pain, and my “thutt” (kinda like a cankle but where my thigh blends right into my flat butt) could be caused by a hypertonic pelvic floor. I cannot wait to really dig into the workouts and finally rid myself of the two-year long pain and discomfort.
Caitlin 3mo ago
I’m looking forward to trying these.

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