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Tissue work with Tools

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-Must be 12+ weeks postpartum -do not utilize while pregnant -utilize these techniques 5-7 minutes daily, every other day or as needed :)... more


Hannah 1y ago
I have a ton of stretch marks and loose skin (I’m 5’1 and had BIG babies). Skin is somewhat sensitive but in the lower belly it almost feels fragile. Is this something I could benefit from and see results?
Brittani 1y ago
Great info even if you haven’t been through a C-section!
Amber 1y ago
I’ve always had a hard time touching my scar with my hands. I’m not sure why! But using the gua sha has made such a difference! I am able to work on my scar and feel ok all at the same time! Thank you thank you!!
Dottie 1y ago
I would love more videos on how to use the tools.
Shannon 1y ago
Definitely going to be doing this every shower! All of these techniques should really be taught standard - it’s mind blowing that so many Moms (me included before starting this program!!) just think they have to live with an uncomfortable scar. Thank you so much for making this program 💗

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