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C-section Protocol Welcome

5.0|15 min|18 comments
This is your intro video about what C-section scar series is about. Trigger warning: I do speak a little bit about birth trauma


Lindsay 3mo ago
Really good info! Curious to see what comes up when I start this work.
Sierra 7mo ago
So encouraging!
Dahlia 1y ago
I definitely cried listening to you speak about changing our story related to our scar. I cannot express how thankful I am that you exist, you are such a beautiful person Jesse, thank you for creating this program for us. Excited to keep working on this!!
Alyssa 1y ago
I really appreciate you Jesse and the consciousness you have around birth trauma. I’m working through my birth trauma with a therapist who specializes in birth trauma (highly recommend to anyone) and I’m also going to reframe my birth story tonight while I’m journaling tonight like you recommended. 🙏🏼💚
Dani 1y ago
Love that I’m not the only one that had sad feelings about having a c section.

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