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Organ layer: Step 4

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-Wait until scar is healed 6-8weeks -do not utilize while pregnant -utilize these techniques 5-7 minutes daily, every other day or as needed :)


Stephanie 9mo ago
I have had decadeS of pain and discomfort, like cramping or torn muscles feeling….and you are helping me target so much! I hope you also address episiotomy tears and cuts down the road sometime, too! I appreciate your training, wisdom and experience!!
Shannon 9mo ago
It’s definitely a strange feeling but I can tell I need it!!
Kylie 10mo ago
Again. Mind blown. Had no idea we could rehab on this level 🤯 And about the affects adhesions have on our everyday life??? So grateful for you and the work you’ve put into this 🩷
Aimee 1y ago
Oh man I’ve been doing toddler work for a long time but never this deep! The muscles are so tough, I don’t even know if I got to the organs

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