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Scar Desensitization: Step 1

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Who: anyone that has ever had a C-section or abdominal surgery, has a numb or hypersensitive scar, pregnancy safe, safe as soon as you feel ready postpartum


Kat 4mo ago
Perfect 🫶🏻
Laura 4mo ago
Working on this while pregnant knowing I have a c section coming up is hard. Healing trauma while expecting trauma is strange. I’m hoping this will help.
Diema 5mo ago
Whoa hello tears! Didn’t know that was coming!
vanessa 6mo ago
Enjoyed the mention that even with birth trauma we cab start slowly !
Adriana 7mo ago
I teared up doing this and it made me realize just how much trauma I hold from my c-section still. I’m 2 years and 2 months postpartum from my only c-section and fourth birth. It’s crazy how that stuff stays in our bodies.

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