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Skin & Fascia: Step 2

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-Wait until scar is healed 6-8weeks -This is the only layer you’ll want to utilize if pregnant -utilize these techniques 5-7 minutes daily, every other day or as needed :)


Kylie 25d ago
Samantha 5mo ago
Using your protocol after this third c section has made a HUGE difference over the other recoveries. I can touch my scar, move it, I can pick it up! I’m so impressed at the difference 🥹
Diema 5mo ago
Super helpful to know how to manipulate the scar tissue from the beginning where everything is just stuck! Definitely cringed at trying to pull at the scar, but mine isn’t there yet!
vanessa 6mo ago
Wrote the techniques down and will slowly try each one !
Megan 7mo ago
This is my 4th C section and even though my surgeon took out my previous scar I can still feel adhesions from my new one. So glad I’m able to do this tissue work before bed.

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