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Brad BeccaBrad Becca

Bodyweight Strength Training

5.0|45 min|2 comments
💪🏽Looking to build elite level strength & gain mass using just your Bodyweight? 👉🏽Add this workout into your routine 2-3 times a week to improve strength gains & build mass!... more


Carl 1y ago
Good Pump!
Ian 1y ago
My first workout. I liked the simplicity. I don't do nordic curls normally but do other hamstring work. However, it made me realise what a great exercise it is particularly for the lower hamstrings near the knee. I have had surgery on my right knee so need to make sure the muscles around the near are strong. On first look your workouts seem long. I don't often have 90 mins to workout. I like 30mins to 60mins workouts. I will look more at your app over the next few days but I like what I see so far. Thanks.

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