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W2/D1: Legs and Abs

4.8|30 min|6 comments
Let’s hit legs again, really focusing on squeezing that bum in these workouts. Another focus is abs: ane engaged core in each workout we do will strengthen your core much faster than ab workouts alone.


Hannah 1mo ago
My legs are burning, my abs are burning, my face is bright red and cannot get enough.
Bere 3mo ago
I eoul love a list of things we are goi g to use, I sometimes want to stop the whole workout when I go looking for them
Adriana 3mo ago
Love the band work for abs at the end! Think I’ll leave mine on the stairs so I can randomly work my abs!
Kevyn 3mo ago
I love your classes but this one felt disjointed with more talking than exercising, hard to get in a flow. Also, I’ve been noticing all the videos lately start with 5+ minutes of product sales… maybe quick intro type videos introducing the materials would be nice for people that are new 💘
Courtney 4mo ago
Definitely felt the sweat on this one!

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