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Shailey and Sammy CollierShailey and Sammy Collier
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W3/D2 Back & Abs

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Back and abs : - Wide grip lat pulldown 4 x 8-12 reps (increasing weight) *drop set last set once until failure - Dumbbell row 4 x 8-12 reps each side (increasing weight) *drop set the last set once until failure Superset: - Seated reverse fly 4 x 8-12 reps - Bent over dumbbell reverse fly until failure - Seated row reverse grip 4 x 8-12 reps (increasing weight) *drop set each set once with single-arm reps until failure - Dumbbell Bent Over Row Reverse Grip 4 x 8-12 reps (HEAVY) - Medicine Ball Decline Ab Crunch 4 x 8-12 reps


Lance 5mo ago
Like it
Lance 5mo ago
This works well for me

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