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Nail Your Splits

4.8|10 min|15 comments
Use this 10 minute series at the beginning or end of a workout to develop your splits!


Xiomara 1mo ago
Great stretching 🙆‍♀️ I need to repeat to get my splits done ❤️
Hannah 2mo ago
That felt great after my run! :)
Miriam 2mo ago
These are amazing stretches made my body feel so great i just started but I’ll keep going to be more flexible. Thank you so much you inspire me so much.
Milan 3mo ago
I didn’t know if I would actually come back to the app after getting some modules done yesterday. Felt like it was going to be something I fell off of, but here I am again because they’re all so simple and have time markers to go with them! Thank you for making this so easy to follow along and have a routine without wracking my brain to figure out what to do. 🌺
Michaela 7mo ago
I’ve never had natural flexibility, it’s always been something I’ve had to work towards. I’m hoping to get my splits since I was so close to having them a few years back when I did dance. I definitely felt the stretches and I can’t wait to see the progress :)

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