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30 Minute Deep Stretch

4.9|30 min|7 comments
Enjoy this 30-minute deep stretch exercise. Feel free to modify any stretches if needed. You will need:... more


Hannah 17d ago
Great deep stretch. I really needed that.
Hannah 2mo ago
Ah! These stretches always feel so good! 😌
Teah 3mo ago
A little hard for my first time, but I feel a lot better and I’m going to try to do it everyday!!
Milan 3mo ago
Second time getting through it and I’m feeling great! This is the first time I’ve ever stuck to a schedule. I even missed yesterday and I am surprised I managed to come back to it and make myself follow through. The routing being right in front of me really helps. Thank you
Milan 3mo ago
Finished them all and I feel great! Thank you. My knees are the only problem I’m running into on certain stretches for splits, but other than that, I manage!

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