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Deep Hip Opener

4.8|15 min|13 comments
*This program is referenced in the Challenge Accepted: "I Joined The #1 Cheer Team In America" Episode* They say that “hips hold our emotions.” This deep hip opener routine will help you stretch and lengthen out all the mus... more


Xamarie 1d ago
It was a good stretch! I kinda wish that it also offered alternative ways to do a certain stretch because there was one (the couch stretch specifically) that I could not do it since I haven’t stretch or have done anything in 6 months. Other than that, great stretch!
Mia 2mo ago
Great! Felt stretches in places I never felt before
Shannon 2mo ago
Great hip opener! I love the instructional videos and the build in time is am awesome feature.
Hannah 2mo ago
I feel so much better! Who knew you could get so tight!
Marguerite 3mo ago
I feel refreshed! This was a great way to spend 15 mins. I'll be doing this sequence on the regular:)

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