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Back Release

5.0|12 min|4 comments
*This program is referenced in the Challenge Accepted: "I Joined The #1 Cheer Team In America" Episode* This session will help release your back tension and lengthen out your spine.


Xiomara 2mo ago
Perfect for my really unbendy back. The one against the wall and the full bridge killed me 😭 I had to take pauses
Mia 2mo ago
Great stretch after a workout ! That backbend really killed me😭
Hannah 2mo ago
Wow! So much looser after this! I feel like a new person! 😁 P.S. Love your gold nails. 😉
Marguerite 3mo ago
I'd never heard of some of these movements before, but I'm all the better for taking the time to do them. Great mobility session :)

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