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Mobility Stretch

4.9|15 min|16 comments
Circuit: - Kneeling Quad Stretches - Standing Hamstring Stretches... more


Xiomara 2mo ago
Stretching those hips for real 🙆‍♀️💜
Marguerite 2mo ago
Wonderful :)
Milan 3mo ago
Thought I was going to stop after the first group I did for abs….and then I didn’t because you made me want to keep going. Now my legs are jelly, but I’m the happiest jellyfish alive because I already feel so much lighter and nimble! Thank you 💗
Jule 10mo ago
love this stretch! great for my hips!
MK 1y ago
I’d prefer clearer instructions, telling me when I have to switch sides and more different stretches also for the upper body and arms.

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