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About me

Health & Fitness Coach, Mom of 2!

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I grew up loving all sports, the great outdoors and competing. As a four year college athlete I learned what it took to be focused and dedicated to my goals. Part of that focus included pushing my body out of comfort zones. After college, I put my competitive energy into coaching high school basketball and since then have fallen in love with coaching my own kids year round. There’s nothing sweeter than seeing the growing enthusiasm, focus and tenacity of young blossoming athletes. I am proud to call myself a coach because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do and after I had my second child, I knew I had to get refocused on my own health and wellness to be the kind of fun, playful mom I was determined to be. Since I have Spondylosis, a painful back condition that meant I needed to be serious about building and maintaining a strong core and sticking to a (mostly) healthy diet so I didn’t have to face a surgery. The decision to get recommitted was easy for me and the daily healthy habits are what allow me to keep up with my little energy bombs. Just because the decision was easy doesn’t mean it’s always easy to prioritize the time, but I adopted a no excuses kind of attitude and found creative ways to be healthy. As a full time working mom, there’s no other choice. Over the past few years I have learned what types of exercises fit into my very busy schedule and learned to recognize what my body needs. Strength, endurance and flexibility are all part of what keep my workouts fresh and keeps me looking forward to doing more. My workouts are simple, challenging and can be modified to meet you where you are to help you achieve your goals. Whether you are at the beach, traveling and stuck in a hotel, working out from home and with kids jumping on you, or in the gym, I hope my workouts, nutrition tips and motivation help you along your fitness journey. I look forward to connecting with you, helping you achieve your goals and having a lot of fun along the way.


My Playbook will help you increase endurance, mobility, flexibility and strength, while building lean muscle wherever you are!

Training Requirements

My workouts can be done anywhere, but if you’re looking to get serious with your home workouts I would recommend that you start collecting these items for your home gym. Here are my favorites: - Pull-Up Bar - Dumbbells - Set of 3lbs, 5lbs, 10lbs & 15’s (Men, go heavier) - Kettlebells - 25lbs, 35lbs & a set of 10lbs - Resistance Bands (skinny and wide) - Swiss Ball - BOSU Ball - TerraCore - TRX Bands - Med Ball


Bachelors of Science, Exercise Physiology Minor in Health 4 year college athlete Triathlete Cyclists Runner Tough Mudder & Spartan Finisher

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