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Jen360: Body Challenger

4.8|35 min|10 comments
Burn fat + maintain muscle = THIS IS FOR YOU I built these intentionally to be time efficient yet very effective because I'll have your body guessing week after week! This is a never seen before circuit series with a twist. ... more


Lori 4y ago
Challenging! Abs and shoulders! After the first 100 thought I might not make it through all 200, but something about the way they’re arranged and the cardio breaks makes you keep going to the finish. Thanks for another smart workout!
Libby 4y ago
Hard upper body! Sweet!
Miller 4y ago
Burn baby burn
Janelle 4y ago
Killer workout! I’ve been doing Jen360’s 6 days a week and love them! They’re challenging but accessible and it feels great to progress and move up with the weight. I can feel and see the difference they’re making in my shape already and it’s AWESOME! Thank you, Jen! more thing... I’m back in onederland! 🕺🏼🎉
Cassie 4y ago
Did workout at home. So no row machine. So my cardio burst was in place runners sprint. Another great workout :)

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