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Jen360: Full Body Toner

4.6|35Β min|8 comments
Burn fat + maintain muscle = THIS IS FOR YOU I built these intentionally to be time efficient yet very effective because I'll have your body guessing week after week! This is a never seen before circuit series with a twist. ...Β more


Lori β€’ 4y ago
Really feeling all those seated power jumps!
Lianna β€’ 4y ago
Another great drench fest. Thanks! Just wondering what your thoughts are on having heavy lift days still built in. I’m a pretty experienced gym goer, and have good muscle mass. I’m 5’5 sitting at about 150 lbs, 26% body fat. Really wanting to shred down at this point and uncertain as to whether I should still keep a couple of heavy lift days mixed in, or if I should do more of this style circuit training. Not sure as to the magic ratio there and would love your insights!
Kimberly β€’ 4y ago
Second time doing this one but this time 200’s! My legs are already sore but so much the good kind of sore! #SoreTodayStrongerTomorrow πŸ’ͺ🏻
Cassie β€’ 4y ago
Did workout in my basement. So jumping jacks for my cardio blast. And who knew a child’s trampoline doubled as my elevation πŸ˜‚. Legs were smoked! Thanks for the workout !! @cassiemarie44
Micah β€’ 4y ago
Woo! Coachella workout done and that was amazing!!!

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