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4.9|35 min|4 comments
An explosive workout for long, lean looking legs! Challenge your endurance and stamina with this fiery HIIT Leg Day. *No equipment needed, but resistance bands encouraged. So put on your favorite music and LETS GO! ... more


Mari 2y ago
Laura 2y ago
Loved this! More workouts, please?🙏😅
Cherish 2y ago
I liked it but it was a little confusing so I just did my own thing. I did each workout 3 times - 35 sec on 20 sec rest, before moving on to the next workout, but I didn’t know where the 1 min rest came in. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to do that at the end of each set or if I was supposed to do each workout consecutively, but do three rounds of that? I just didn’t do the 1 min rest, it worked out though. Also for the abs, it didn’t give you the option for a 20 sec rest. Either way, I am spent. Thanks!
Krihste 2y ago

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