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About me

Strength Trainer, Yogi, Femme Fitness

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My name is Jazelyn, Jaz for short. I’ve been dedicated to a life of fitness and mindfulness once I left high school and realized I couldn’t live off of curly fries and Kit Kat’s anymore. So here we are, 10 years into my journey and I have the beautiful privilege of assisting others with their fitness, health or aesthetic desires. I’ve been a Strength Trainer and Yoga Instructor for over 6 years in sunny San Diego and I couldn’t dream of a better career path. Everyday, I get to work with people who WANT to improve themselves, who are motivated to work hard and genuinely excited to uncover their bodies true capabilities. Throughout my own practice of strength training and yoga - I’ve found an well-rounded routine that encompasses the definition of balance, a yin & yang if you will, that I hope to share with you. It’s a blend of strength training that comes from traditional body building, vinyasa flow to create fluidity and awareness within the body as well as mobility and calisthenic drills to ensure healthy joints and prevent injury. And well, handstands, just because they’re awesome! I hope you all enjoy the work I have in store for you and that it enhances any current routines you’re already using, or if you’re brand new... I hope my workouts unlock some surprising strengths you didn’t know you had inside! Either way, thank you for giving me a chance to guide you on this incredible fitness journey... Cheers!


Increase strength, improve balance and flexibility, lose inches in body fat, improve overall body awareness.

Training Requirements

These workouts can be done at home or in a gym (But since we’re quarantined for the time being - let’s say it can be done in your living room or backyard!) I recommend starting at bodyweight levels for those just starting out or starting with a few yoga classes first. If more advanced - grab your weights and bands, let’s get ready to work!


•Strength Trainer - 6 yrs •Power Vinyasa Yoga Instructor - 5yrs •Rehab specialist - 3yrs •Functional Neurology Trainer - 1yr •Total amount of time in fitness, self-taught - 10yrs

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