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W4/D4 - Workout 19

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Alfath 9mo ago
Great workout
Alfath 2y ago
Amazing abs workout. Kept it continuous and it burned. Did 2 sets so 10 mins and loved it.
Paula 2y ago
As I now know the moves and dont have to view video fist every time I can fly through the cicuit and am really feeling the burn from the short moves.I am really starting to see the difference when I do jump ups that my core is starting to pull my legs up higher instead of barely dragging them off the floor. After I finish core I plan to do the rup challenge cant wait to see the difference after this. Ive always want to do handstands but after 4 kids my core and arms shoulders just didnt have the strehth.So many other teachers start handstand classes just expecting everyone to jump up on the wall and start thier drills with wall holds i.e . Thank you for showing us true beginners where to start!

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