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Unlimited access to all platform content
Unlimited access to all platform content
Shiu Leen
Carissa is a great yoga instructor! Besides being passionate, she is also able to provide a million modifications to poses that one cannot get into.
That was the best splits class I have ever done. I went down to a 3/4 split and I have never gotten that far. I am feeling so open and flexible!
I should say the shoulder exercises and dislocates have helped so much. I feel like I've gained a lot of confidence in my shoulders again.
Your class really helped me. I've been going through a rough patch and yoga is a way to calm me down from my high emotions at the moment.
Always feel like my body is renewed after every session. And it's amazing to do things I didn't know was possible like touching my toes hahaha.
Chang Yi
You were really helpful with the cues to get into certain positions, reassuring me that there are regressions and poses don't need to be perfect.
I have little flexibility and just by doing these yesterday and today, I already dropped to half of the height from the floor. Thank you!!
I love your teaching style and wish there were more people like you on Instagram. You have given me so much great material!
I think the stretching exercises are great, I'm still making progress despite being slack. The program is effective if I do it less than recommended.
Thanks a lot for your coaching and teaching. I feel great today and feel the bounce in my stride. You are the best
Thanks a lot for teaching me those movements. Very insightful and informative. Though I must say you have very detailed knowledge. Words of wisdom!
The hips feel goooood! If my hips could smile, they'd be smiling.
It's doing well! I've been taking them seriously so my legs have been sore all week! 😭
Thanks for the tips! Had fun today and finally got some inversion going on haha.
Chang Yi
Was so relaxed after. Hips feel really good and sleeping better because I'm more relaxed. The cues help to get deeper into the stretches too hehe.

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Mobility, Strength & Yoga Teacher

We’re here to move better and feel better. I’m Carissa, a yoga teacher who specialises in mobility and strength. This means we’ll be strengthening and increasing the range of your flexibility to give you more motion and control. I’ll be sharing follow-along classes, drills, workouts, and programmes on all things fun and fitness: yoga stretches and flows, flexibility and mobility, strength and conditioning, and skill work like handstands, splits, and pistol squats. Come along as we discover more body awareness and learn how to move freely. I want to help you feel more comfortable and confident in your body. Let’s do this!
My Playbook will help you to - move better, feel better - move freely, comfortably, and confidently - gain flexibility and mobility - gain body awareness and control - build strength and endurance - learn yoga poses and stretches - get upside down! - learn new skills - have fun with fitness - train at home with your bodyweight
Training Requirements
My classes and workouts are for everyone — from complete beginners to advanced practitioners. I always offer modifications so you can meet me wherever it suits you. Everything can be done at home; all you need is yourself and a yoga or exercise mat. If you have a block, book, strap, or bolster, they may come in handy for some classes. Don’t forget a towel and water!
200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher
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What makes your app special?
This is where all my content lives — I'm so excited to help you move freely with confidence. Let's make fitness more fun! Here, you can access workouts, classes, and ebooks on my app at a flat rate. My app also has a direct messaging section, stories, sneak peeks, early access, and exclusive content. Come join me!
What content is on your app?
A little bit of everything! This is how I train. You'll find drills, workouts, classes, and full programmes here that focus on: Mobility and flexibility (e.g. hips, back, shoulders) Strength (push ups, legs, core) Skills (splits, handstands, pistol squats) Formats: Looping videos (10 seconds) Pose explainer videos (2-10 minutes) Lecture-style explanations (10-20 minutes) Follow-along classes (20-60 minutes)
Can I join if I'm a beginner?
100%! All my drills, workouts, classes, and programmes are beginner-friendly and suitable for all levels. I'm a firm believer in modifications and finding the right variation for your body. Everyone is welcome here!
Can I ask you questions on the app?
Of course! We have a private chat area where you can say hi, ask questions, and check your form. App users will also have first dibs on content requests, whether that's for my app, Instagram, or YouTube.
Do I need to purchase equipment?
No need! All my workouts are bodyweight, so all you'll need is yourself, a mat (to protect your joints), and yoga blocks or hardcover books (for assistance). I want to make this accessible to all of you!
How often will you upload content?
You can expect to see weekly workouts and monthly/bi-monthly programmes. I'll also post stories and workouts throughout the week. Plus, you'll get sneak peeks, early access, and exclusive content to all my creations!
How much does the app cost?
You can join our community for just $1 for the first month. After that, you'll pay $14.99/month or $99.99/year. That breaks down to just $0.49 a day or $0.27 a day — less than your morning cup of coffee!
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