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Workout 2: Bar Conditioning

4.2|45 min|5 comments
Warm-up: - Running 3-5 minutes (treadmill, on the spot, or outside) - Banded scap retractions x 5 ... more


Maxi 3mo ago
It was way too hard. Some progressions would be nice
Nicolas 4mo ago
Hard for my current level, but very good exercise
Charity 1y ago
Holy 🔥🔥🔥 As a former gymnast of 12 years this is EVERYTHING I could hope for. Also, shows me how far I have to go. Definitely can't do half of these exercises anymore. But this is good motivation
Victoria 1y ago
Never have I been so humbled. I know gymnasts are strong and all I’ve ever wanted is to train like a gymnast so I was excited to try this! I’ve been lifting for yearssss and knew this would be tough. I bailed after 1 round of modifying over half of the reps 😂 please make a gymnast strength progression workout!!
Holly 1y ago
Really really difficult! But the problem for me is that I only can perform a couple of the exercises because of that I’m too weak yet! I am a gymnast and really really badly want to improve my strengths! So modifications too build would be awesome! I should probably add that I don’t really feel the same kind of burn as I would’ve liked when I do regular floor exercises like crunches! 😁

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